Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is Development Going to Increase in the Near Future?

I hope not, but that's what some people in Hadley think, based on this article in the Republican. Sustainable growth for any town or city is fine, but strip malls and large chain stores by and large destroy a community's character. Obviously for Hadley, Route 9 is already ruined, and has been increasingly developed for 40 years. Another way a community can "save" its character it by restricting development to certain locations. Let's hope they keep future development along this "economic" corridor and not create sprawl elsewhere. It seems that the Taco Bell mentioned in the article will be built along Route 9, which is a relief, but I find this sentence worrying: "We are getting a lot of calls from different developers."

Let's hope the town planners understand how to maintain Hadley's character!